Generates plots for bbotk::OptimInstanceSingleCrit.

# S3 method for OptimInstanceSingleCrit
  type = "marginal",
  cols_x = NULL,
  trafo = FALSE,
  learner = mlr3::lrn("regr.ranger"),
  grid_resolution = 100,





(character(1)): Type of the plot. Available choices:

  • "marginal": scatter plots of x versus y The colour of the points shows the batch number.

  • "performance": scatter plots of batch number versus y

  • "parameter": scatter plots of batch number versus input. The colour of the points shows the y values.

  • "parallel" parallel coordinates plot. x values are rescaled by (x - mean(x)) / sd(x).

  • "points" - scatter plot of two x dimensions versus y The colour of the points shows the y values.

  • "surface": surface plot of two x dimensions versus y values. The y values are interpolated with the supplied mlr3::Learner.

  • "pairs": plots all x and y values against each other.


Column names of x values. By default, all untransformed x values from the search space are plotted. Transformed hyperparameters are prefixed with x_domain_.


Determines if untransformed (FALSE) or transformed (TRUE) x values are plotted.


Regression learner used to interpolate the data of the surface plot.


Resolution of the surface plot.


(any): Additional arguments, possibly passed down to the underlying plot functions.


ggplot2::ggplot() object.


if (requireNamespace("bbotk") && requireNamespace("patchwork")) { library(bbotk) library(paradox) fun = function(xs) { c(y = - (xs[[1]] - 2)^2 - (xs[[2]] + 3)^2 + 10) } domain = ps( x1 = p_dbl(-10,10), x2 = p_dbl(-5, 5) ) codomain = ps( y = p_dbl(tags = "maximize") ) obfun = ObjectiveRFun$new( fun = fun, domain = domain, codomain = codomain ) instance = OptimInstanceSingleCrit$new(objective = obfun, terminator = trm("evals", n_evals = 20)) optimizer = opt("random_search", batch_size = 2) optimizer$optimize(instance) # plot y versus batch number autoplot(instance, type = "performance") # plot x1 values versus performance autoplot(instance, type = "marginal", cols_x = "x1") # plot parallel coordinates plot autoplot(instance, type = "parallel") # plot pairs autoplot(instance, type = "pairs") }
#> Loading required namespace: bbotk
#> Loading required namespace: patchwork
#> Loading required package: paradox
#> Registered S3 method overwritten by 'GGally': #> method from #> ggplot2